SIGGRAPH 2012 Course Notes, so far

Edit: wow, this page has almost everything from SIGGRAPH 2012 (thanks, Sebastian, and especially Stephen Hill!).

Just two course notes links I happen to have, though I’m sure Naty has considerably more:

Beyond Programmable Shading – an interesting course as usual. The introductory talk by Aaron Lefohn points to the rise of the ComputeShader, and Johan Andersson’s “5 Major Challenges” talk gives a thorough overview of the graphics problems currently facing cutting-edge game developers such as DICE.

Unity: iOS and Android – Cross-Platform Challenges and Solutions¬†– from the Mobile session, these are the slides from Renaldas Zioma’s presentation about what they found while moving Unity 3D to mobile devices. I liked this talk so much I asked to host it at our site. Here’s an introduction by Renaldas to the talk itself, with some surprising audience stats.

Eventually the course notes for Advances in Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics and Games should also be available.

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    And here are some more:

    Optimizing Realistic Rendering with Many-Light Methods

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    There is many Siggraph links gathered here

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