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Some staff at Taylor & Francis kindly dug up some of the supplemental materials (mostly code) for the journal of graphics tools, namely, volumes 10-13. I’ve waded through it all and added these resources to the code repository:

Github JGT repository

If you have code from a JGT article that’s not listed here, please do send it on to me and I’ll add it.

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With Wolfgang Engel’s blessing, I’ve added the ShaderX2 books’ (both of them) CD-ROM code samples as zip files and put links in the ShaderX guide. The code is hardly bleeding edge at this point, of course, but code doesn’t rot – there are many bits that are still useful. I’ve also folded in most of the code addenda into the distributions themselves. The only exception at this point is Thomas Rued’s stereographic rendering shaders; in reality, more up-to-date information (and SDK) is available from the company he works with, ColorCode 3-D.

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