Shanghai 3D

Some computerish graphicsy photos from my trip to Shanghai. First, they’ve got the right definition of 3D:

But what about Cartesian coordinates? This pavilion certainly predates those, definitely 3D:

A cool sculpture from the World Expo (Robin Green comments “…hsync timing issues”):

Thomas, a happy customer of our 2nd edition:

Given the number of “name-brand” watches, purses, clothing, software, etc. in the (literally underground) market at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum metro stop, name infringement like this is very small potatoes:

Magical technology from this market, no doubt shipped back from the future: USB flash drives with up to 880 GB!

Near as we can tell, they hack the driver on a small flash drive to make it look like 880 GB or whatever to your computer. Think of them as “write-only USBs”. Just as well: if you were to try to fill a real drive of this size at its 7 MB/sec transfer rate, it would take 35 hours.

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  1. peirz’s avatar

    ~“…hsync timing issues”~


    Hm… Could be a bone index issue too.. did you check the rig? 🙂

  2. Mauricio’s avatar

    Well, there is a 256GB version of the DataTraveler:

  3. lionel’s avatar

    I also was the to present a conference. Shame I didn’t know you were there too.

    As another happy customer of your 2nd edition, I would have gladly offer you a beer.


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