Long Plane Rides and JCGT

I’m about to embark on a 20-hour (or so) plane trip to Shanghai. With most of that time being in the plane, I’m loading up on stuff to read on my iPad. (Tip: GoodReader is great for copying files from your DropBox to your iPad.) JCGT does a great job of helping me fill up. Just go to the “Read” area and there’s a long list of articles, select the ones that sound interesting, and download away (well, having all the papers be called “paper.pdf” is not ideal, but that will eventually get fixed). No messing around with logging in, no digging to find things, just “here’s a nicely-illustrated list, have at it”. It’s amazing to me how much the little illustrations help me quickly trim the search.

In contrast, I had to do a few minutes of clever searching to find the SIGGRAPH 2013 Proceedings. Shame on you, ACM DL, for not responding properly to the searches “SIGGRAPH 2013” or “SIGGRAPH 2013 papers”. The first search shows everything but the papers, since the papers are part of TOG; the second search gives practically random results.


  1. N. Holzschuch’s avatar

    Yes, it seems paradoxal that the best way to access the full list of Siggraph papers in a single go is (still) Ke-Sen Huang’s page : http://kesen.realtimerendering.com/sig2013.html

    (even compared to the conference web site, it’s much more practical)

  2. ingenious’s avatar

    I also have been using GoodReader for over 1.5 years now, synced with Dropbox. It works really well (love the cropping feature!), but it’s interface is very clumsy (even after the very recent update).

    I’m looking to switch to PDF Expert 5, but I still don’t know if it’s worth the price tag of $10. Has anyone tried it? The only things I care about are (1) Dropbox sync and (2) white-space cropping.

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