Links for the holidays

In my self-inflicted weekly reports for Autodesk I always included a “link for the week,” some graphics-related or -unrelated tidbit I found of interest. Did you pick up on the “d” in “included”? Out of the blue I was laid off from Autodesk three weeks ago (along with ~1149 others, 13% of the workforce), and it’s fine, no worries.

But, it meant that I had collected a bunch of links I was never going to use. So, here’s the curated dump, something to click on during the holidays. Not a sterling collection of the best of the internet, just things that caught my eye. Enjoy! Or not!


  1. dissonantdev’s avatar

    Thank you for the links Eric!
    You were selling yourself short, they were pretty interesting, and I ended up learning a few things from them.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. 3dpraxisstudio’s avatar

    I Believe in This. Well done for articles.

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