Interactive Ray Tracing BOF at SIGGRAPH 2009

Pete Shirley’s organizing an interactive ray tracing Birds of a Feather meeting at SIGGRAPH 2009. The details, as copied from here:

Interactive Ray Tracing
A variety of academic and industry leaders provide presentations and demos, with questions and discussions encouraged.

Tuesday, 5 – 6 pm
Sheraton New Orleans
Waterbury Ballroom
Peter Shirley
pshirley (at)

I’ll be there to help out. Pete’s already lined up demos from NVIDIA, Intel, Mental, an Imageworks affiliate, Breda University (Arauna), and Caustic. Right now we’re searching out academic groups or anyone else that want to show what they’re doing in the area. If you’ve got something to show or know someone that does, please contact Pete and me.

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