HPG 2010 papers up!

The inestimable Ke-Sen Huang has again done us all a service: the HPG 2010 paper list is up. Just a few authors’ papers are visible at this point, but undoubtedly more will appear as the weeks roll by.


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  1. Shadow007’s avatar

    Yesss !!! You’re right, I think some papers will be visible … but some will become invisible …

    Two of them are marked (on the owner’s page) as “Preprint (PDF) — available until June 2010” … So I guess once the conference is passed, the papers will disappear from public view … What about “post-print” ? 🙁

    There seem to miss a few … including some by someone named Tomas Akenine-Moller. Do you know by chance of any way to contact him ? (just kidding of course !)

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