Graphics Conference Calendars

SIGGRAPH’s early registration deadline is June 4th, after that the price goes up $175 or so, depending. News of which made me look around for graphics conference calendars. I didn’t find much – if anyone knows of others, please do let me know.

The Upcoming Graphics Conferences page on wikidot lists most of the graphics conferences I know about, and tons I don’t. It doesn’t list HPG 2010, however. I wrote the website maintainer about this omission but it’s a week later and no response or update.

A handy schedule of computer graphics conferences is available from a student at the Max Planck Institute. This one’s handy for researchers, as it gives submission dates. Oddly, HPG 2010 is again missing.



  1. Naty’s avatar

    There is one posted on our web site 🙂 –

    Not sorted by date, though, so a bit inconvenient. It does have HPG 2010…

  2. Sebastien Noury’s avatar

    WikiCFP also has a nice list of computer graphics conferences:
    Just posted HPG 2010, it should show up soon…

  3. Jaroslav Krivanek’s avatar

    These guys have a very complete listing:

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