DICE Publications Page (and Other Game Companies’)

I just saw on Johan Andersson’s blog that DICE has put up a publications page.  That reminded me of some other game company publications pages, so I thought I’d make a list (alphabetically ordered):

There’s a lot of good stuff on these pages; I wish more game companies would do these.

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments…


  1. Naty’s avatar

    Mike Acton was kind enough to tweet this, and got the following additions:

    From Timothy Farrar: http://www.guerrilla-games.com/publications/ and http://www.naughtydog.com/site/post/presentations_from_game_developers_conference_2008/ (though the last one is more limited in scope than the others, since it just covers one conference).

    From Branimir Karadžić: http://www.research.scea.com/ and http://www.technology.scee.net/presentations

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    Thanks for informing people Naty! 🙂

    Tri-Ace R&D has a publications site as well located here with a mix of slides in English and Japanese:
    Thanks to @oteguro for pointing that out, some good presentations!

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    Not technically a game company but still in the game industry: Sony Computer Entertainment US

    If you click on “Research” at the top, you end up here: http://www.research.scea.com/research/research.html

    Even if the most recent publication is from 2006, they have interesting contents like “PS3 Deferred Shading” http://research.scea.com/ps3_deferred_shading.pdf or “Spherical Harmonic Lighting: The Gritty Details” http://www.research.scea.com/gdc2003/spherical-harmonic-lighting.html

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    I’ve added this info as item #5 on the portal page, http://www.realtimerendering.com/portal.html

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    Hi Eric,

    in http://www.realtimerendering.com/portal.html you reported Sony Computer Entertainment US but you forgot Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (scee) reported by Branimir Karadžić in the first comment.

    On SCEE site, there is a really nice talk “Pitfalls of Object Oriented Programming” explaining how to think “Data Oriented Design” instead of “Object-Oriented Design”. Slide 18 makes the remark that with current HW the RAM latency is the bottleneck (80’s RAM latency~1 cycle, 2009 RAM latency:~400cycles) . It then gives examples of strategies to deal with this latency: reorganizing member variables in an homogeneous manner to avoid cache miss. Slide 21 illustrates the situation with a scene graph. On slide 22, the author shows the counter-intuitive case where the dirty flag/cache result can be a bad good-idea.

  6. Eric’s avatar

    Thanks, François, I clicked that link but didn’t realize what I was seeing; added.

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    Not a game company, but may be helpful:

    Walt Disney Animation Studios

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    If we are also listing film companies, then of course there is the Pixar papers page: http://graphics.pixar.com/library/. Great stuff on there!

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