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Mineways features are explained in detail here. Troubleshooting information is here and here.

Mouse and Keyboard

Upper or lower case (Shift key) does not matter for most keys: More on mouse controls in the Selection section. Full list of shortcut keys here.

Mineways Menu Items

File Menu

View Menu

Colors Menu

Help Menu

Mineways Export Options

You can usually ignore this scary dialog box and just click "OK" or hit the Enter key to skip it.

Rendering related:

3D Print related:

Mineways Command Line Options

mineways.exe [-w X Y] [-s UserSaveDirectory] [-l mineways_exec.log] [file1.mwscript [file2.mwscript [...]]]

Specify the file name and path for a script or model file to load on startup.

-w X Y
Specify the X and Y resolution in pixels of the startup window. Values must be positive integers.

-s UserSaveDirectory
Specify the directory where your Minecraft worlds are located, shown in the "File | Open World" list. This directory is "%appdata%\.minecraft\saves" by default, if not specified. The directory is not a single world's save folder, but rather a directory holding all world folders you want to choose from. If your directory path has spaces in it, you need to use double-quotes around the path, e.g. -s "C:\temp\My Minecraft Saves"

-l mineways_exec.log
For debugging startup problems, you'll normally never use this. Saves startup and commands executed to the file specified.

Mineways Files