Battlefield 2 Info

A page linking to some worthwhile pages and sites about the game Battlefield 2. I also have a Battlefield 1942 site and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 site.

My Pages

Annotated Maps - maps marked with vehicles, emplacements, etc.
Giant Grid O' Death - what kills what.
Joystick Setup - how to do it and use it.


BF2 Wikipedia entry - a nice summary of what's what with BF2, good stuff all on one page.


Planet Battlefield Forums - last one standing, still active.

Fan Sites

Planet Battlefield 2 - great news, interviews, and inside information.
Total BF2 - a site for Battlefield series news.

Official Electronic Arts Pages

EA Game's BF2 site
EA's patch download site - a place to get patches without waiting in line, etc. You want this patch, most likely.
EA Support site - check here first for answers to many technical problems.

Other Stuff

Fileplanet's BF2 section - lists all the important stuff. Get in line, soldier!

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