Battlefield 1942 Information

A page linking to some worthwhile pages and sites about the game Battlefield 1942. There is also a Battlefield 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 site set of links.

My Pages

Frequently Asked Questions - just that, answers for commonly asked questions.
Annotated Maps - maps marked with vehicles, emplacements, ammo, medical, etc.
Tips and Tactics - lots and lots of them.
Weapons Effects and Grid O' Death - paper vs. scissors vs. rock.
Trevor Larkum's tank data file - tank vs. tank.
1shot1kill's Vehicle List - vehicles on each map.
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Planet Battlefield - the last remaining active forum.

Fan Sites

Planet Battlefield - great news, interviews, and inside information; many strategy guides at this site.
IGN - some bits of information. - a good place to download patches, mods, and other files.

Official Electronic Arts Pages

Go to EA's patch download site to directly get the latest patch (it is sometimes easier to download patches from Fileplanet).

Other Stuff

Fileplanet's BF 1942 section - lists all the important stuff. Get in line, soldier!
BF Tracks Live - Europe - a different stats site, mostly for Europe
Tips sites - a link to links...


For how to install and play mods, visit my FAQ. Here are some of the best places to look for new mods and maps:

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