Sav-T-Pak Introduction

Be Prepared - It's a Better Way To Go

Looking back in history there has always been an urge or a need for people to move from one place to another. Both urge and need to travel still exist today, but the urge remains nearly original as a reason to roam.

People of all backgrounds, race, creed, color and place of origin have always yearned to explore.

The urge to go and see has ranged from opening a forbidden door, entering a cave, crossing a river, climbing a mountain, sailing a sea, diving to the ocean floor, and even flying into outer space.

Countless tales are told and retold about explorers, indians, and pioneers and what they accomplished.

What have they shared in common besides desire and need to walk ahead of others during their time? Preparation is a great answer!

Being prepared required knowledge, skills, capability and certain essential items to be carried.

Preparation gives confidence which, if added to an urge, usually adds up to some form of adventure, and so it should be.

The need for fire-making, for instance, has not changed much during the centuries, but the art of flint and steel has given way to waterproof starters, matches, holders and butane lighters.

Other basic needs for food, shelter, clothes, medicine, etc. must also be prepared for.

The essential items or "possibles," so called, to meet such needs were usually carried in a shoulder bag or a pouch with belt worn around the waist. This container full of safety items was indeed most important and cared for at all times. The basic items were correctly thought to be as vital as gun or bow to stay alive and well.

Today we have better equipment and certainly more available services but we still must be prepared.

No one knows for sure who started the idea of carrying a pack full of essentials but we do know that it is a great idea, proven through time.

Sav-T-Pak is intended to be your companion as your "possibles bag" so that you can be well prepared.

In conclusion, let the general farewell of mountain men be given you:

May the skies be blue, the winds be fair, the waters calm, your aim be true, the harvest plenty, the nights be restful, the water cool and pure and your sunsets many.

  Wear it Well Friends,

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