ShaderX Books

The first few ShaderX series books are now free for download. Wolfgang Engel, the series editor, has worked with the publisher and authors to allow this release. Extensive parts of ShaderX3 are available for reading on Google Books.

   ShaderX contents download code addenda
   ShaderX2: Intro & Tutorials contents download download code code addenda
   ShaderX2: Tips & Tricks contents download download code code addenda
   ShaderX3 contents purchase Google books
   ShaderX4 contents purchase
   ShaderX5 contents purchase
   ShaderX6 contents purchase look inside
   ShaderX7 contents purchase
   GPU Pro (was ShaderX8) blog purchase

Bonus free book: Programming Vertex, Geometry, and Pixel Shaders, Second Edition, by Wolfgang Engel, Jack Hoxley, Ralf Kornmann, Niko Suni, and Jason Zink, December 2008.

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Last change: February 8, 2010