Top 20 Publishers of Videogames

This map shows the top 20 publishers in the field of videogames in 2006. Data is taken from Game Developer magazine, October 2006, "Top 20 Publishers", by Trevor Wilson. Headquarters are shown in red, the rest in green. Only sites in the continental United States and Canada are shown. Click on each map marker's tip to learn more about it, double-click to zoom in. The top 20 are judged by six measures: annual sales turnover, number of releases, average review score, quality of producers, reliability of milestone payments, and quality of staff pay and perks.

If you want to see the map data and names of firms, simply view the source for this page - you'll figure it out. Many of the locations are actually extremely precise, others are an average location between two or more offices, others are just rough guesses. A subtle detail: the density of the drop shadow from the markers is related to the number of firms in a particular location, e.g. Austin's is darker than Dallas'. Search Google Maps for a company and its town to find it more precisely; this works about 2/3rds of the time.'s companies list is a good resource for finding more about any game company.

Yes, this map is in no way comprehensive. For example, in the Boston area there's Turbine Games and Harmonix, both with recognizable offerings, but not aligned with these large publishers. I made it mostly for my own understanding of where a sampling of companies are located, so take it for what it is.

1. Electronic Arts
2. Nintendo
3. Activision
4. Sony Computer Entertainment
5. Take Two Interactive
6. Microsoft Game Studios
7. THQ
8. Ubisoft
9. Konami
10. Sega Sammy Holdings
11. Namco Bandai
12. Vivendi Games
13. Square Enix
14. Capcom
15. NCsoft
16. SCi/Eidos
17. LucasArts
18. Buena Vista Games
19. Atari
20. Midway

Icons from Brennan's Blog.

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Last change: November 2, 2006