Fantasy Graphics League Results for 2002

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The winner of this year's FGL is not a giant bitter melon, but rather:

Aaron Hertzmann (on the right).

The Top Eleven are:

Points  Name & Lab
326.67  Aaron Hertzmann, Super Butter Dog
277.57  Tim Purcell, Wunky Munky Du
265.00  Hugues Hoppe, Shlomo & Hugues
255.24  Ian Buck, The Frys Addicts
243.57  Henrik Wann Jensen, The Vikings
230.00  Zeki Melek, incompressible fluid motion (?)
227.00  Mathieu Desbrun, The cheap ones (quatloos-wise)
218.57  Cyrille Damez
217.67  Brian Curless and David Salesin, Pixel Polytech
202.00  Dave Zareski, Particle Tracers
200.00  Peter Shirley, Utah Polygonists

out of 78 contestants. Surprisingly, the sketches had no effect whatsoever on the team rankings this year (more about the individual author rankings will follow). Aaron Hertzmann was the only person to score off of sketches, gaining 20 points for Michael Kazhdan. The winning research lab, Super Butter Dog, was:

Quatloos  Value  Name
========  =====  ======================
   35      6.67  Lee Markosian
   40     62.00  Zoran Popovic
   10     15.00  Ying-Qing Xu
   20     45.00  Christoph Bregler
   60     30.00  Frédo Durand
   20      0.00  Andrei Khodakovsky
   50     44.00  Brian Curless
   10     20.00  Michael Kazhdan
   15     20.00  Steve Marschner
   50     60.00  Ronald Fedkiw
   45      0.00  Wolfgang Heidrich
   45     24.00  Leonard McMillan

We caught up with Aaron somewhere within 13,000 miles of the Marianas Trench, where he gave this brief interview.

Q: Congratulations on your victory! How you do plan to celebrate?

A: By moving somewhere REALLY REALLY cold!

Q: In last year's FGL contest you finished second, edging out the previous previous year's first place winner, Matt Pharr. Now you're the top dog, the big cheese, the bigtop cheese-dog. To what do you owe your success?

A: Hard work, teamwork, fair play, cooperation, everyone came to the field to play and gave 110%. In the words of a famous baseball coach: "The team did all the work; I didn't play a single inning."

Actually, last year I realized that the Fantasy Graphics League is far sweeter a cherry than having an actual SIGGRAPH papers, and focused my efforts on scouting for my team (so-called "job interviews"). In the words of a famous soccer coach: "Mais um caipirinha, por favor."

Q: Will you use your new-found powers for good or evil?

A: Powers? What powers?

I was hoping for Austin Powers, but I all got were these Francis Gary Powers. Bleah. What good is that?

Q: Please tell us how this victory has changed your life. Is your life now really like a Coke commercial with singing? Or has your existence simply had subtitles added to it, so that people around the world may understand and gain strength from it?

A: I like to think that we are all winners, each in our own special way. But it's nice to know that, in a more accurate sense, I'm the winner. In a 49-point spread sense. Ahhh.

Q: Do you have any other answers you'd like us to give you questions for?

Yes, Q: Just how funky is Super Butter Dog?

A: I would say moderately so.

Q: Say "silk" five times fast. Now, what do cows drink?

A: How should I know? Ask a biologist. Tang, perhaps?

Q: Do you have any words of discouragement for next year's contestants?

A: Follow your dreams, climb every mountain, smell every rose, swim every fjord, scale every wall, bake every cake, hug every monkey, light every fire, mull every cider, etc.

What is a sport without gratuitous statistics about the players? So, here's a little more analysis of how the rank of the authors themselves was affected by the sketch results. The new efficiency ranking for the authors is:

Authors ranked by efficiency
### Value Cost Efficiency Name
220 20.00    5   4.0000   James Davis
142 65.00   20   3.2500   Fabio Pellacini
334 60.00   20   3.0000   Marc Alexa
297 60.00   20   3.0000   Ken Perlin
 38 12.00    5   2.4000   Aseem Agarwala
 75 45.00   20   2.2500   Christoph Bregler
548 20.00   10   2.0000   Xianfeng Gu
 79 20.00   10   2.0000   Cindy M. Grimm
384 20.00   10   2.0000   Michael Kazhdan
 92 20.00   10   2.0000   Dani Lischinski
Note how sketches moved 5 different authors into the top 10 for efficiency (see the pre-sketch top 10 beyond this blue ink). Also note that, because sketch points do not count towards an author's cost (only authorship for the last five years of SIGGRAPH papers counts), these authors will not go up in cost next year.

The rankings based entirely on points earned this year were not much affected by the sketches. The only effect on the top ranked authors was that James F. O'Brien joined the "60 point club" (there were a lot of these this year):

Authors ranked by highest point value
### Value Cost Efficiency Name
142 65.00   20   3.2500   Fabio Pellacini
569 62.00   40   1.5500   Zoran Popovic
334 60.00   20   3.0000   Marc Alexa
449 60.00   50   1.2000   Ronald Fedkiw
195 60.00  100   0.6000   Heung-Yeung Shum
221 60.00  100   0.6000   James F. O'Brien
297 60.00   20   3.0000   Ken Perlin
162 60.00   65   0.9231   George Drettakis
190 50.00   85   0.5882   Henrik Wann Jensen
239 47.00   90   0.5222   Jessica K. Hodgins
 75 45.00   20   2.2500   Christoph Bregler
410 45.00  240   0.1875   Pat Hanrahan
 53 44.00   50   0.8800   Brian Curless
279 42.00   70   0.6000   Julie Dorsey
 40 40.00   70   0.5714   Baining Guo
123 35.00  150   0.2333   Donald P. Greenberg
So, one could conclude that most top point-earning authors do not submit sketches, if the year number is 2002.

While you contemplate all this wisdom, you can also randomly click your mouse on the following:

From the not so beautiful minds of Eric Haines, Phil Dutré, Dan Kartch, and Ben Trumbore.
last updated: September 12, 2002