Fantasy Graphics League

Entering a team for the Fantasy Graphics League is closed for this year, all teams had to be in by January 10, 2001. The forms still work, except for the final form which submits your entry. The rest of this page is left as-is, for your bemusement.

The 2000-2001 draft season for the FGL is now open [no it's not]. Within your limited budget and restricted floorspace, you are trying to hire the best virtual graphics research lab possible. You can spend up to 400 Quatloos and have room to hire 12 people for the next year for your lab. You can hire from a list of 517 people. These people are researchers who have been authors of one or more SIGGRAPH papers in the past five years, 1996-2000. Each person is given a cost in Quatloos, based on their past performance. The deadline for hiring your lab is midnight of January 10, 2001, same as the SIGGRAPH 2001 papers deadline. You can enter more than once, and only your last entry will be used.

Your performance is judged by how your people do at SIGGRAPH 2001. If one of your researchers is an author on a SIGGRAPH 2001 technical paper, you receive 60/(# of authors) points. If one of your researchers is the first author on a technical sketch (not a paper), you receive 20 points. Sum up the points and that's your performance rating. Come in first in the field of contenders and you may win a 1.9 GHz laptop with a GeForce5 or win a Playstation 9. Key word: "may".

For more information and all the good jokes, see last year's contest page and last year's results.

If you're ready for action and adventure, HIRE YOUR LAB.

Michael F. Cohen: 50 Quatloos Donald P. Greenberg: 150 Quatloos 

This site has no affiliation with SIGGRAPH or the WTO. All names are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, unless that person exists. Past performance of researchers is no guarantee of future earnings. All results are binding and final unless we need to recount the vote a few times or goof up or something.

From the not-entirely-right minds of Eric Haines, Phil Dutré, Dan Kartch, and Ben Trumbore.
last updated: November 10, 2000