Wildflowers Identified

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No wildflower characteristics chosen; all wildflowers follow.

  Bur-Reed (photos)
  Pickerelweed (photos)
  Golden Club (photos)
  Sweetflag/Calamus (photos)
  Wild Calla/Water-Arum (photos)
  Skunk Cabbage (photos)
  Jack-in-the-Pulpit/Indian Turnip (photos)
  Green Dragon/Dragon Arum (photos)
  Yellow-Eyed Grass (photos)
  Water-Plantain (photos)
  Broad-Leaved Arrowhead (photos)
  Virginia Dayflower (photos)
  Asiatic Dayflower (photos)
  Ohio Spiderwort (photos)
  Prairie Trillium (photos)
  Toadshade/Sessile Trillium (photos)
  Red or Purple Trillium/Wakerobin (photos)
  Snow or Dwarf White Trillium (photos)
  Nodding Trillium (photos)
  Drooping or Gleason's Trillium (photos)
  Painted Trillium (photos)
  Large-Flowered or White Trillium (photos)
  Dutchman's-Pipe (photos)
  Indian Cucumber-Root (photos)
  Carrion-Flower (photos)
  Wild Oats/Sessile Bellwort (photos)
  Large-Flowered Bellwort (photos)
  Perfoliate Bellwort (photos)
  Twisted-Stalk/White Mandarin (photos)
  Rose Twisted-Stalk (photos)
  Hairy Solomon's-Seal (photos)
  Great Solomon's-Seal (photos)
  Starry False Solomon's-Seal (photos)
  False Solomon's-Seal (photos)
  Three-Leaved False Solomon's-Seal (photos)
  Wild Lily-of-the-Valley (photos)
  False Hellebore/Indian Poke (photos)
  Bunchflower (photos)
  Fly Poison (photos)
  Galax/Beetleweed (photos)
  Colicroot/Stargrass (photos)
  False Asphodel (photos)
  Wild Hyacinth (photos)
  Star-of-Bethlehem (photos)
  Wild Garlic (photos)
  Nodding Wild Onion (photos)
  Wild Onion (photos)
  Wild Leek (photos)
  White Clintonia (photos)
  Clintonia/Corn-Lily (photos)
  White Trout-Lily (photos)
  Trout-Lily (photos)
  Michigan Lily (photos)
  Turk's-Cap Lily (photos)
  Canada or Wild Yellow Lily (photos)
  Wood Lily (photos)
  Day-Lily (photos)
  Yellow Iris/Water Flag (photos)
  Larger Blue Iris (photos)
  Wild Iris/Blue Flag (virginica) (photos)
  Dwarf Lake Iris (photos)
  Blue-Eyed Grass (photos)
  Stargrass (photos)
  Arethusa/Dragon's-Mouth (photos)
  Rose Pogonia/Snake-Mouth (photos)
  Small White Lady's-Slipper (photos)
  Ram's-Head Lady's-Slipper (photos)
  Showy or Queen Lady's-Slipper (photos)
  Yellow Lady's-Slipper (photos)
  Moccasin-Flower/Pink Lady's-Slipper (photos)
  Calypso/Fairy-Slipper/Fairy Orchid (photos)
  Striped Coralroot (photos)
  Spotted or Large Coralroot (photos)
  Northern or Early Coralroot (photos)
  Calopogon/Grass-Pink (photos)
  Nodding Ladies'-Tresses (photos)
  Ragged Fringed Orchis (photos)
  White Fringed Orchis (photos)
  Yellow Fringed Orchis (photos)
  Small Purple Fringed Orchis (photos)
  Long Bracted or Rein Orchis (photos)
  Round-Leaved Orchis (photos)
  Showy Orchis (photos)
  Large Twayblade (photos)
  Heartleaf Twayblade (photos)
  Downy Rattlesnake-Plantain (photos)
  Green Adder's-Mouth (photos)
  Wild Ginger (photos)
  Bunchberry/Dwarf Cornel (photos)
  Whitlow-Grass (photos)
  Hoary Alyssum (photos)
  Field Pennycress (photos)
  Watercress (photos)
  Shepherd's Purse (photos)
  Lyre-Leaved Rock Cress (photos)
  Poor-Man's-Pepper/Peppergrass (photos)
  Spring or Bitter Cress (photos)
  Purple Cress (photos)
  Black Mustard (photos)
  Yellow or Marsh Cress (photos)
  Winter Cress/Yellow Rocket (photos)
  Cut-Leaved Toothwort (photos)
  Toothwort/Pepperwort/Crinkleroot (photos)
  Dame's or Sweet Rocket (photos)
  Sea-Rocket (photos)
  Virginia Meadow-Beauty (photos)
  Fireweed/Great Willow-Herb (photos)
  Purple-Leaved Willow-Herb (photos)
  Sundrops (perennis) (photos)
  Narrow-Leaved Sundrops (fruticosa) (photos)
  Common Evening-Primrose (photos)
  Enchanter's Nightshade (photos)
  Small Cleavers/Sweet-Scented Bedstraw (photos)
  Shining Bedstraw (photos)
  Rough Bedstraw (photos)
  Cleavers/Goose Grass (photos)
  Yellow Wild Licorice (photos)
  Fragrant Bedstraw (photos)
  Yellow Bedstraw (photos)
  Northern Bedstraw (photos)
  Bluets/Quaker Ladies (photos)
  Long-Leaved Bluet (photos)
  Partridgeberry (photos)
  Small Cranberry (photos)
  Large or American Cranberry (photos)
  Labrador Tea (photos)
  Bearberry (photos)
  Pale or Bog Laurel (photos)
  Creeping Snowberry (photos)
  Wintergreen/Checkerberry (photos)
  Trailing Arbutus (photos)
  Closed or Bottle Gentian (photos)
  Stiff Gentian (photos)
  Downy or Sand Gentian (photos)
  Smaller Fringed Gentian (photos)
  Fringed Gentian (photos)
  Spurred Gentian (photos)
  Rose-Pink (photos)
  Buckbean/Bogbean (photos)
  Indian-Pipe (photos)
  Pinesap (photos)
  One-Sided Pyrola (photos)
  Shinleaf (photos)
  Round-Leaved Pyrola (photos)
  One-Flowered Wintergreen (photos)
  Spotted Wintergreen (photos)
  Pipsissewa/Prince's-Pine (photos)
  Carolina or Broad-Leaved Spring Beauty (photos)
  Spring-Beauty (photos)
  Common Wood-Sorrel (photos)
  Violet Wood-Sorrel (photos)
  Yellow Wood-Sorrel (photos)
  Mossy Stonecrop/Wallpepper (photos)
  Wild Stonecrop (photos)
  False Heather/Hudsonia/Poverty Grass (photos)
  Frostweed (photos)
  Grooved Yellow Flax (photos)
  Great St. Johnswort (photos)
  Shrubby St. Johnswort (photos)
  Common St. Johnswort (photos)
  Marsh St. Johnswort (photos)
  St. Andrew's Cross (photos)
  Bristly Sarsaparilla (photos)
  Wild Sarsaparilla (photos)
  Spikenard (photos)
  Dwarf Ginseng (photos)
  Ginseng (photos)
  Cow-Parsnip (photos)
  Yellow Pimpernel (photos)
  Golden Alexanders (photos)
  Meadow-Parsnip (photos)
  Black Snakeroot (photos)
  Honewort/Wild Chervil (photos)
  Water-Hemlock/Spotted Cowbane (photos)
  Cowbane (photos)
  Water-Parsnip (suave) (photos)
  Wild Parsnip (photos)
  Angelica/Alexanders (photos)
  Hairy Sweet Cicely (claytoni) (photos)
  Sweet Cicely/Anise Root(longistylis) (photos)
  Poison Hemlock (photos)
  Wild Carrot/Queen Anne's Lace (photos)
  Caraway (photos)
  Harbinger-of-Spring/Pepper-and-Salt (photos)
  Flowering Spurge (photos)
  Cypress Spurge (photos)
  Cheeses (rotundifolia) (photos)
  Common Round-Leaved Mallow/Cheeses (photos)
  Musk Mallow (photos)
  Crimson-Eyed Rose-Mallow (photos)
  Marsh Mallow (photos)
  Storksbill/Alfilaria (photos)
  Herb-Robert (photos)
  Wild Geranium (photos)
  Dewdrop/Star Violet/Dalibarda (photos)
  Barren Strawberry (photos)
  Wood Strawberry (photos)
  Common or Wild Strawberry (photos)
  Three-Toothed Cinquefoil (photos)
  Rough Cinquefoil (photos)
  Common Cinquefoil (photos)
  Dwarf Cinquefoil (photos)
  Rough-Fruited Cinquefoil (photos)
  Shrubby Cinquefoil (photos)
  Marsh Cinquefoil (photos)
  Tall Cinquefoil (photos)
  Silverweed (photos)
  Silvery Cinquefoil (photos)
  Agrimony (gryposepala) (photos)
  Canadian Burnet (photos)
  Bowman's Root/Indian Physic (photos)
  Rose (photos)
  Purple Flowering Raspberry (photos)
  Dwarf Red Bramble/Dwarf Blackberry (photos)
  Queen-of-the-Prairie (photos)
  White Avens (photos)
  Yellow Avens (photos)
  Water or Purple Avens (photos)
  Long Plumed Purple Avens (photos)
  Kidneyleaf or Small-Flowered Buttercup (photos)
  Early Buttercup (photos)
  Creeping Buttercup (photos)
  Swamp Buttercup (photos)
  Common or Tall Buttercup (photos)
  Hooked Buttercup/Hooked Crowfoot (photos)
  Marsh-Marigold/Cowslip (photos)
  Goldthread (photos)
  Round-Lobed Hepatica (photos)
  Sharp-Lobed Hepatica (photos)
  Early Meadow-Rue (photos)
  Purple Meadow-Rue (photos)
  False Rue-Anemone (photos)
  Rue-Anemone (photos)
  Wood Anemone/Windflower (photos)
  Thimbleweed/Tall Anemone (photos)
  Long-Headed Thimbleweed (photos)
  Canada Anemone (photos)
  Pasqueflower (photos)
  Globe-Flower (photos)
  Golden Seal (photos)
  Black Cohosh/Bugbane (photos)
  Red Baneberry (photos)
  White Baneberry/Doll's Eyes (photos)
  Virgin's-Bower (photos)
  Purple Clematis/Purple Virgins-Bower (photos)
  Columbine (photos)
  Monkshood (photos)
  Tall Larkspur (photos)
  Prairie Larkspur (photos)
  Grass-of-Parnassus (photos)
  Naked Miterwort/Naked Bishop's Cap (photos)
  Miterwort/Bishop's Cap (photos)
  Foamflower/False Miterwort (photos)
  Early Saxifrage (photos)
  Swamp Saxifrage (photos)
  Alumroot (photos)
  Ditch Stonecrop (photos)
  Four-O'Clock (photos)
  Pokeweed/Poke/Pokeberry (photos)
  Wing-angled Loosestrife (photos)
  Purple or Spiked Loosestrife (photos)
  Water-Willow (photos)
  Pitcher-Plant (photos)
  Leather-Flower (photos)
  Thread-Leaved Sundew (photos)
  Spatulate-Leaved Sundew (photos)
  Round-Leaved Sundew (photos)
  Corn-Cockle (photos)
  Deptford Pink (photos)
  Bouncing Bet/Soapwort (photos)
  Evening Lychnis/White Campion (photos)
  Bladder Campion (photos)
  Fire Pink (photos)
  Wild Pink (photos)
  Starry Campion (photos)
  Sleepy Catchfly (photos)
  Field Chickweed (photos)
  Mouse-Eared Chickweed (photos)
  Lesser Stitchwort (photos)
  Long-Leaved Chickweed (photos)
  Rock Sandwort (photos)
  Grove or Blunt-Leaved Sandwort (photos)
  Jacob's-Ladder (photos)
  Periwinkle (photos)
  Blue Phlox (photos)
  Garden or Fall Phlox (photos)
  Downy Phlox (photos)
  Moss Phlox/Moss-Pink (photos)
  Bird's-Eye or Canadian Primrose (photos)
  Shooting-Star (photos)
  Starflower (photos)
  Scarlet or Common Pimpernel (photos)
  Moneywort (photos)
  Fringed Loosestrife (photos)
  Whorled Loosestrife (photos)
  Yellow Loosestrife/Swamp Candles (photos)
  Northern or Bush Honeysuckle (photos)
  Feverwort/Tinker's-Weed (photos)
  Twinflower (photos)
  Common Milkweed (photos)
  Blunt-Leaved Milkweed (photos)
  Poke Milkweed (photos)
  Swamp Milkweed (photos)
  Purple Milkweed (photos)
  Four-Leaved Milkweed (photos)
  Whorled Milkweed (photos)
  Butterfly-Weed (photos)
  Indian Hemp (photos)
  Spreading Dogbane (photos)
  Blue Vervain (photos)
  Bracted Vervain (photos)
  White Vervain (photos)
  Hoary Vervain (photos)
  Virginia Waterleaf (photos)
  Appendaged Waterleaf (photos)
  Bastard-Toadflax (photos)
  Hoary Puccoon (photos)
  True Forget-Me-Not (photos)
  Miami-Mist/Scorpionweed (photos)
  Viper's Bugloss (photos)
  Hound's-Tongue (photos)
  Mertensia/Virginia Cowslip (photos)
  Wild Potato-Vine (photos)
  Upright or Low Bindweed (photos)
  Hedge Bindweed (photos)
  Field Bindweed (photos)
  Dodder (photos)
  Clammy Ground-Cherry (photos)
  Virginia Ground-Cherry (photos)
  Common Black Nightshade (photos)
  Nightshade/Bittersweet (photos)
  Horse-Nettle (photos)
  Jimsonweed (photos)
  Wild Cucumber/Balsam-Apple (photos)
  Lance-Leaved Violet (photos)
  Sweet White Violet (photos)
  Common Blue Violet (photos)
  Wooly Blue Violet (photos)
  Great-Spurred Violet (photos)
  Marsh Blue Violet (photos)
  Round-Leaved Yellow Violet (photos)
  Canada Violet (photos)
  Downy Yellow Violet (photos)
  Northern Downy or Ovate-Leaved Violet (photos)
  Arrow-Leaved Violet (photos)
  Early Blue or Wood Violet (photos)
  Prairie Violet (photos)
  Birdfoot Violet (photos)
  Venus' Looking-Glass (photos)
  Marsh Bellflower (photos)
  Harebell (photos)
  Bedstraw or Roving Bellflower (photos)
  Tall Bellflower (photos)
  Brook Lobelia (photos)
  Indian-Tobacco (photos)
  Pale-Spike Lobelia (photos)
  Great Lobelia (photos)
  Cardinal-Flower (photos)
  Moth Mullein (photos)
  Common Mullein (photos)
  Purple Gerardia (photos)
  Yellow False Foxglove (photos)
  Fern-Leaved False Foxglove (photos)
  Swamp Lousewort (photos)
  Wood-Betony/Lousewort (photos)
  Painted-Cup/Indian Paintbrush (photos)
  Turtlehead (photos)
  Beardtongue (photos)
  Hairy Beardtongue (photos)
  Blue-Eyed Mary (photos)
  Blue or Old-Field Toadflax (photos)
  Butter-and-Eggs/Toadflax (photos)
  Square-Stemmed Monkey-Flower (photos)
  Cow-Wheat (photos)
  Thyme-Leaved Speedwell (photos)
  American Brooklime (photos)
  Culver's Root (photos)
  Figwort (photos)
  Lopseed (photos)
  False Nettle/Bog-Hemp (photos)
  Horse-Balm/Richweed (photos)
  Bluecurls (photos)
  False Dragonhead/Obedient Plant (photos)
  Mountain-Mint (photos)
  Gill-Over-The-Ground/Ground Ivy (photos)
  Wild or Field Mint (photos)
  Peppermint (photos)
  American Pennyroyal (photos)
  Heal-All/Selfheal (photos)
  Water-Horehound (photos)
  Motherwort (photos)
  Catnip (photos)
  Basil (photos)
  Marsh or Common Skullcap (photos)
  Mad-Dog Skullcap (photos)
  Germander/Wood-Sage (photos)
  Woundwort (photos)
  Downy Wood-Mint (photos)
  Horsemint (photos)
  Wild Bergamot (photos)
  Bee-Balm/Oswego-Tea (photos)
  Lizard's-Tail/Water-Dragon (photos)
  Lamb's-Quarters/Pigweed (photos)
  Curled Dock (photos)
  Sheep or Common Sorrel (photos)
  Jointweed (photos)
  Prostrate Knotweed (photos)
  Water Smartweed (photos)
  Pennsylvania Smartweed (photos)
  Arrow-Leaved Tearthumb (photos)
  Climbing False Buckwheat (photos)
  Racemed Milkwort (photos)
  Seneca Snakeroot (photos)
  Fringed Polygala/Gaywings (photos)
  Beechdrops (photos)
  Squawroot (photos)
  One-Flowered Cancer-Root (photos)
  Spotted Touch-Me-Not/Jewelweed (photos)
  Pale Touch-Me-Not/Jewelweed (photos)
  Greater Bladderwort (photos)
  Purple Bladderwort (photos)
  Bloodroot (photos)
  Celandine-Poppy/Wood-Poppy (photos)
  Celandine (photos)
  Dutchman's-Breeches (photos)
  Squirrel-Corn (photos)
  Allegheny-Vine/Climbing Fumitory (photos)
  Pale Corydalis (photos)
  Golden Corydalis (photos)
  Showy Tick-Trefoil (photos)
  Naked-Flowered Tick-Trefoil (photos)
  Pointed-Leaved Tick-Trefoil (photos)
  Hog-Peanut (photos)
  Trailing Wild Bean (photos)
  Groundnut (photos)
  Wild Indigo (photos)
  Wild Lupine (photos)
  Beach Pea (photos)
  Cream-Colored Vetchling (photos)
  Vetchling/Marsh Pea (photos)
  Veiny Pea (photos)
  Hairy or Winter Vetch (photos)
  Cow or Tufted Vetch (photos)
  Purple or American Vetch (photos)
  Goat's-Rue (photos)
  Crown-Vetch/Axseed/Coronilla (photos)
  Wild Senna (photos)
  Partridge-Pea (photos)
  White Sweet Clover/Melitot (photos)
  Yellow Sweet Clover (photos)
  Bush-Clover (photos)
  Round-Headed Bush-Clover (photos)
  Alfalfa/Lucerne (photos)
  Black Medick (photos)
  Hop Clover (photos)
  Smaller Hop Clover (photos)
  Rabbit's-Foot Clover (photos)
  Alsike Clover (photos)
  Red Clover (photos)
  White Clover (photos)
  Twinleaf (photos)
  May-Apple/Mandrake (photos)
  Blue Cohosh (photos)
  Spatterdock/Yellow Pond-Lily (photos)
  Fragrant Water-Lily (photos)
  American Lotus/Nelumbo (photos)
  Prickly-Pear (photos)
  Common Teasel (sylvestris) (photos)
  Lance-Leaved Coreopsis/Tickseed (photos)
  Stiff Coreopsis (photos)
  Gray-Headed or Prairie Coneflower (photos)
  Black-Eyed Susan (photos)
  Thin-Leaved or Three-Lobed Coneflower (photos)
  Green-Headed or Tall Coneflower (photos)
  Purple Coneflower (photos)
  Sneezeweed (photos)
  Ox-Eye (photos)
  Tall or Giant Sunflower (photos)
  Woodland Sunflower (photos)
  Thin-Leaved or Ten-Rayed Sunflower (photos)
  Common Sunflower (photos)
  Elecampane (photos)
  Cup-Plant (photos)
  Prairie-Dock (photos)
  Compass-Plant (photos)
  Tickseed-Sunflower (coronata) (photos)
  Beggar-Ticks/Sticktight (photos)
  Bur-Marigold/Sticktight (photos)
  Pineapple-Weed (photos)
  Mayweed/Dog Fennel (photos)
  Ox-Eye Daisy (photos)
  Maryland Golden-Aster (photos)
  Rough Hawkweed (photos)
  Orange Hawkweed/Devil's Paintbrush (photos)
  Ragwort (photos)
  Dwarf Dandelion (photos)
  Two-Flowered Cynthia (photos)
  Yellow Goat's-Beard/Salisify (photos)
  Coltsfoot (photos)
  Common Dandelion (photos)
  Field Sow-Thistle (photos)
  Chicory (photos)
  Wild Lettuce (photos)
  White Lettuce/Rattlesnake Root (photos)
  Pale Indian-Plantain (photos)
  Upland White Aster (photos)
  Heath Aster (photos)
  Flat-Topped White Aster (photos)
  Purple Stemmed Aster (photos)
  New England Aster (photos)
  Stiff Aster (photos)
  Arrow-Leaved Aster (photos)
  Smooth Aster (photos)
  Large-Leaved or Bigleaf Aster (photos)
  Robin-Plantain (photos)
  Common or Philadelphia Fleabane (photos)
  Daisy Fleabane (strigosus) (photos)
  Caltrops/Star-Thistle (photos)
  Bull Thistle (photos)
  Field Thistle (photos)
  Swamp Thistle (photos)
  Canada Thistle (photos)
  Tall Thistle (photos)
  Cylindric Blazing-Star (photos)
  Rough Blazing-Star (photos)
  Prairie Blazing-Star/Prairie Gayfeather (photos)
  Dense Blazing-Star/Gayfeather (photos)
  Zigzag or Broad-Leaved Goldenrod (photos)
  Gray or Old Field Goldenrod (photos)
  Showy Goldenrod (photos)
  Lance-Leaved or Grass-Leaved Goldenrod (photos)
  Early Goldenrod (photos)
  Silver-Rod or White Goldenrod (photos)
  Canada Goldenrod (photos)
  Late or Smooth-Stem Goldenrod (photos)
  Hard-Leaved or Stiff Goldenrod (photos)
  Common Burdock (photos)
  New York Ironweed (photos)
  Bachelor's-Button/Cornflower (photos)
  Tall Ironweed (photos)
  Sweet Joe-Pye-Weed (photos)
  Spotted Joe-Pye-Weed (photos)
  Purple Boneset (photos)
  White Snakeroot (photos)
  Climbing Hempweed/Climbing Boneset (photos)
  Pearly Everlasting (photos)
  Sweet Everlasting/Catfoot (photos)
  Plantain-Leaved Pussytoes (photos)
  Common Tansy (photos)
  Yarrow/Milfoil (photos)
  Common Ragweed (photos)
  Tall Wormwood (photos)

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