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This page provides information about the book Real-Time Rendering, by Tomas Akenine-Möller and Eric Haines, ~880 pages, from A.K. Peters Ltd., 2nd edition, ISBN 1568811829, list price $59.

Foreign language versions of Real-Time Rendering are available:

Information about web resources related to the book's individual chapters can be found here.

We are honored to learn that our 2nd Edition has been awarded a 2002 Front Line Award from Game Developer Magazine for product excellence and innovation.

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A quote from the January 2003 Game Developer issue's awards article:
"I can't think of any higher praise for a book than the fact that it's always on my desk and within easy reach, and Real-Time Rendering, 2nd Edition is one of the few books that qualifies for that distinction. Real-Time Rendering provides thorough coverage of the current state of the art in real-time graphics, as well as case studies, appendices to help brush up your math skills, and a voluminous source bibliography. There's no doubt that this is a must-have volume for any graphics programmer." - Herb Marselas, Ensemble Studios

You can order the book from Amazon and get free shipping, or from Barnes & Noble, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, or Amazon Japan. You can also order it direct from A.K. Peters (or in Europe, Transatlantic Publishers Group), among others. Check the AddAll, Best Book Buys, or DealTime searchers for the best deals. IGDA members can purchase the book at 20% off.

The following second edition book samples are available for download:

Book Section Adobe PDF
Table of Contents 70K
Chapter Overview 47K
Non-Photorealistic Rendering excerpt 337K
Levels of Detail excerpt 449K
Subdivision Curves and Surfaces excerpt 615K
Index 255K

Gamasutra has an excerpt from the second edition about Bézier triangles and N-Patches, and Flipcode has an excerpt about billboarding.

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