Update on SIGGRAPH 2011 Beyond Programmable Shading Course

I have recently been notified by Aaron Lefohn that there have been some changes to the Beyond Programmable Shading course since I last described it here.

The new schedule is below. I’m especially interested to see the presentation by Raja Koduri (former CTO of AMD’s graphics division and now a graphics architect at Apple) – according to Aaron, it’s “an introduction to reasoning about power for rendering researchers”. Power is a very important constraint which is little-understood by most algorithm researchers and software developers. We are not too far from regularly having to take account of power consumption in graphics algorithm design (since an algorithm which causes the GPU to burn too much power may force clock speed reduction, negatively affecting performance). The topic of the closing panel is also an interesting one – graphics APIs have undergone some interesting changes, and I suspect will undergo more profound ones in the near future.

Beyond Programmable Shading I

9:00 Introduction [Aaron Lefohn, Intel]

9:20 Research in Games [Peter-Pike Sloan, Disney Interactive]

9:45 The “Power” of 3D Rendering [Raja Koduri, Apple]

10:15 Real-Time Rendering Architectures [Mike Houston, AMD]

10:45 Scheduling the Graphics Pipeline [Jonathan Ragan-Kelley, MIT]

11:15 Parallel Programming for Real-Time Graphics [Aaron Lefohn, Intel]

11:45 Software rasterization on GPUs [Samuli Laine and Jacopo Pantaleoni, NVIDIA]

Beyond Programmable Shading II

14:00 Welcome and Re-Introduction [Mike Houston, AMD]

14:05 Toward a blurry rasterizer (state of the art) [Jacob Munkberg, Intel]

14:45 Order-independent transparency (state of the art) [Marco Salvi, Intel]

15:15 Interative global illumination (state of the art) [Chris Wyman, Univ. of Iowa]

15:45 User-defined pipelines for ray tracing [Steve Parker, NVIDIA]

16:30 Panel: “What Is the Right Cross-Platform Abstraction Level for Real-Time 3D Rendering?”

  • Peter-Pike Sloan, Disney Interactive (Moderator)
  • David Blythe, Intel (Panelist)
  • Raja Koduri, Apple (Panelist)
  • Henry Moreton, NVIDIA (Panelist)
  • Mike Houston, AMD (Panelist)
  • Chas Boyd, Microsoft (Panelist)

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