Three.js example thumbnails page

I made a page of thumbnail images of the 297 three.js examples. Here it is:

The three.js site used to have a page like this. I’m not sure why it disappeared, but now I don’t care, as I can more easily find demos I’ve looked at before but then forgot the names.

Bonus links: Stemkoski and Yomotsu also have useful demo pages, which used to be prominently linked from the three.js site but now are not.



  1. isonno’s avatar

    Very cool. Would be nice to use the alt tag for the keywords/title, so you could mouse over the thumbnails for a hint of their context.

  2. Eric’s avatar

    Good idea, I’ll do that. In the interim, I just look in the lower left corner for the name of the JPG, as that’s what example it is.

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