They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab…

There’s only one way through Minecraft addiction, burning your way through to the other side. At least that’s my current theory. I’ll get back to posting for real after just one more little project… How I did this sculpture is shown here and here, using Patrick Min’s binvox and modified viewvox. Yes, I placed all 2302 cubes by hand; it’s sort of like knitting, with vertigo. You can even take the tour on YouTube.

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  1. Luther’s avatar

    It’s got me too. I’ve been trying to code a routine to cut a mesh with frustum all week but the pull of minecraft is too strong. Still, my mines are looking rather nice and I have a great railway with a huge multi-arched viaduct. Damn you Notch!

    Very nice utah teapot.. doesn’t it make you want to write a voxelizer and output it to the minecraft levels instead?

  2. Eric’s avatar

    I’ve got Patrick Min’s voxelizer, so that’s good enough for me. I definitely don’t want to just plop the model directly into the world files, that would be cheating – too easy, no suffering. Luckily it’s an multiplayer world so that’s not an option. We each earn our buildings by having to craft them by hand.

    Luckily I was away from Minecraft this weekend, which meant I could read and write reviews for three papers. Whenever is unavailable is when work gets done…

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