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The incomparable Ke-Sen Huang has put up yet another graphics conference papers page, this time for Pacific Graphics 2009.  The full papers list is up and there is a good number of preprints linked.  Pacific Graphics has had a good number of interesting papers over the years; this year continues the tradition.  HPCCD: Hybrid Parallel Continuous Collision Detection proposes an interesting combined CPU-GPU collision detection algorithm.  Procedural Generation of Rock Piles using Aperiodic Tiling uses an aperiodic tiling method (similar to a 3D version of Wang Tiles) to enable the quick placement of large numbers of random-seeming rocks.  The technique described in Fast, Sub-pixel Antialiased Shadow Maps is quite expensive (it improves quality and adds cost to  the already-costly irregular z-buffer technique), but it is worth looking at for applications running on advanced hardware (in other words, not for current-gen games platforms).  Finally, Interactive Rendering of Interior Scenes with Dynamic Environmental Illumination presents a PRT-like approach to render complex interiors lit by arbitrary environmental lighting coming in through windows.

Three more papers lack online preprints or abstracts (at the moment) but have promising titles: Procedural Synthesis using Vortex Particle Method for Fluid Simulation, Linkless Octree Using Multi-Level Perfect Hashing, and The Dual-microfacet Model for Capturing Thin Transparent Slabs.