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The ever-amazing Ke-Sen Huang already has paper pages up for I3D 2009 and Eurographics 2009. Both conferences are currently in that twilight zone where the authors have been notified (and are putting notifications and preprints on their web pages) but the official paper list has not yet been published.

There are already several interesting papers there: Approximating Dynamic Global Illumination in Image Space (available here) extends the popular SSAO (screen-space ambient occlusion) technique to support directional occlusion and single-bounce diffuse reflection. Automatic Linearization of Nonlinear Skinning (available here) introduces a method to automatically place virtual bones, resulting in quality similar to dual quaternion skinning but using traditional linear skinning. Multiresolution Splatting for Indirect Illumination (available here) speeds up reflective shadow maps by using a multiresolution data structure. Bounding volume hierarchies are important for many algorithms (including ray tracing), so a method to rapidly construct them on the fly is useful. Such a method is detailed in Fast BVH Construction on GPUs (paper web page here). The final paper has a somewhat self-explanatory title: Temporal Glare: Real-Time Dynamic Simulation of the Scattering in the Human Eye (available here).

Two papers, although lacking preprints as of yet, have particularly interesting titles, and I look forward to reading them: Soft Irregular Shadow Mapping: Fast, High-Quality, and Robust Soft Shadows and Real-Time Fluid Simulation using Discrete Sine/Cosine Transforms.

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