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Like the title says, GPU Pro3, the next installment of the GPU Pro series, is now available for order. The publication date is realsoonnow (January 17th). The extended table of contents is a great way to get a sense of what it contains.

The GPU Pro series is essentially a continuation of the ShaderX series, just with a different publisher. I was given a look at the draft of this latest volume, and it appears in line with the others: some eminently practical and battle-tested approaches mixed with some pie-in-the-sky out-of-the-box done-with-the-metaphors ideas – having a mix keeps things lively. Articles such as the one covering the CryENGINE 3 is a fine combination of both, with solid algorithms alongside “this doesn’t always work but looks great when it does” concepts. Some of the material (including a fair bit of the CryENGINE 3 article) can be gleaned from presentations online from GDC and SIGGRAPH, but here it’s all polished and put in one place. Other articles are entirely fresh and new. Priced reasonably for a full-color book, it’s a volume that most graphics developers will find of interest.

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This detailed presentation on Crytek’s latest engine at the regional Triangle Game Conference slipped completely under my radar, but Wolfgang Engel just pointed it out to me.  It’s on Crytek’s presentations page, which has a bunch of other good stuff on it as well.

The presentation includes lots of great information on their new deferred lighting system, which is timely since I am just working on a lengthy blog post on this very subject (hopefully to be finished soon).  They also tease about their new dynamic global illumination system, to be presented at SIGGRAPH 2009.

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