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“Corrigenda” is a classy publisher’s word for “bugs,” but it also means listing fixes for these errors. Morgan McGuire and his students have been reading our book closely, and have found the first two significant errors in the 3rd edition. These errors and their corrections can be found on our corrigenda page.

Donald Knuth sends checks for $2.56 for each error found in his classic (but still being written) series “The Art of Computer Programming”; Sir James Murray, the editor of the first Oxford English Dictionary, was perhaps the first to reward readers in this way. Knuth has an even more lucrative/costly reward doubling scheme for errors found in his software, with the prize now locked at $327.68.

Tomas offered his students a piece of candy for each error they found in our second edition. I like the idea of rewarding readers in some way, beyond naming them on the page. We’ll think of something; suggestions? More important, have you found any bugs, large or small? Please do pass them on, as it helps everyone.