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As of this moment it’s missing our own event Sunday, but you’re all coming to that anyway, right? I also believe there are one or two parties not listed, such as the Chapters Party.

Oh, and there’s an informal WebGL meetup Saturday night (tonight!) at the bar by the pool at the Figueroa.

Time to get on the plane – see you there!

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Dan Wexler pointed out this great page by skitten, which lets you quickly load up your Google Calendar with all SIGGRAPH events. Dan notes, “I’ve used these the past three years and they are fantastic”. Non-West-Coasters: don’t try to use these events for planning before SIGGRAPH, unless you go lock the time zone to West Coast times (or if you like to be three hours late for everything).

So if you want to thank Dan in person, see their talk, Intelligent Brush Strokes, around 4:20 pm Thursday, room 408A. Or virtually thank him by checking out the one-page abstract or the related, and brand-new, Glaze iPhad/iPone app.

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Last month I noted some resources for finding out about graphics conference due dates and meeting dates. Naty pointed out that we, in fact, host one ourselves, by Ke-Sen Huang. Other people noted this nice one and this detailed one.

I’m posting today because Yamauchi Hitoshi has updated his own conference calendar (due to suggestions from readers of this blog), and also made the generator free software. He originally just made this page for himself, but the power of the web and all that… I like the layout a lot. The visual presentation of deadlines, notifications, and actual conference date is (I imagine) quite useful for deciding where to submit a paper and what alternatives there are if it is not immediately accepted.

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