Site Updates

I just spent a good part of this week revamping a few pages on this website, namely:

  • The main resources page: I removed a few dead links with Xenu (great free tool) and folded in resources from a year’s accumulation of 139 links. It barely shows – I don’t highlight the new links like I used to, since most of these have already been posted in the blog. I did spend way too much time updating the list of relevant books and related resources; remember to hit “refresh” on your browser.
  • The recommended books page: revamped to newer editions, some books added and a few dropped (e.g., I’ve given up waiting for the new Foley & Van Dam, at least on this page). Naty hopes to redo this page at some point when he finds time.
  • The portal page: the main addition is expansion of the obsessive-compulsive list of blogs I attempt to track.
  • The intersections page: unfortunately, some links had died and so were removed. One or two minor additions; this area of algorithm exploration seems mostly “done”, despite there being some obscure blank spots on the grid (most having to do with intersecting cones against other things).

Exhausting to do all this, and without a tremendous visual effect, but I’m glad to check it off the list.


  1. Shadow007’s avatar

    Hi, and thanks for updating the intersections page … seems you have forgotten to update the “last change date” on its upper part though.

    I guess it’s left as an exercise for the reader, but wouldn’t it be usefull to also track the “packet” versions of rays/primitives intersections ? To mind the “Faster Ray Packets – Triangle Intersection through Vertex Culling” paper from Alexander Reshetov …

  2. Eric’s avatar

    Good point, there definitely is a trend of SIMD versions of the various intersectors. For example, Tomas himself is a coauthor on a paper with Larsson about SSE for sphere/box intersection. We mention some of these in the book – I’ll have to think how to present these in the grid.

  3. Shadow007’s avatar

    You could also add the “Yet Faster Ray-Triangle Intersection (Using SSE4)” from Jiri Havel

  4. Eric’s avatar

    Thanks for the Havel reference; I read it but entirely forgot about it! It’s nice in that it summarizes previous work, too (Wald, Shevtsov). Anyway, added.

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