SIGGRAPH 2012 early registration deadline is today

If you’re reading this after June 18th, oh well…

Registration page is here.

Me, I wouldn’t rate SIGGRAPH the premier interactive rendering research conference any more: I3D or HPG publish far more relevant results overall. SIGGRAPH still has a lot of other great stuff going on, and there are enough things of interest to me this year that I’m happy to be attending:

  • I guess the courses are the main draw for me right now, and some of these have become informal venues for interactive rendering R&D presentations (e.g. the Advances course).
  • SIGGRAPH Mobile could be interesting. Given the huge profit margins of GPUs for mobile vs. PCs, it’s where the market has moved. It feels a little “back to the future”, with GPU speeds getting reset about a decade vs. PC performance, but there’s some interesting research being done, e.g. this paper (not at SIGGRAPH but at HPG, I noticed it today on Morgan McGuire’s Twitter feed and thought it was fascinating).
  • I was thinking of arriving Sunday afternoon, but then noticed some interesting talks in theĀ Game Worlds talks on Sunday, 2-3:30 pm.
  • Other talks will be of interest, I’ll need to wade through the list.
  • Emerging Technologies and the Exhibition Floor usually have something that grabs my attention (if nothing else, I can browse through new books), and I maybe should give Real Time Live a visit.
  • And, meeting people, of course – it’s inspiring and fun to hear what others are up to. Sometimes a little chance conversation will later have great value.

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