SIGGRAPH 2009 Posters

The complete list of accepted posters can be found here.  Posters are in a sense the “smallest” SIGGRAPH contribution – each one constitutes a single (large) page of description.  All the posters are in one large room, so it doesn’t take long to just walk past them and see what looks interesting.  There are also two sessions (each one hour long) where a presenter stands besides each poster and discusses it with anyone who is interested.

The poster list has no abstracts, just titles.  Judging from those, the ones that I find potentially interesting are:

  • Polygonal Functional Hybrids for Computer Animation and Games
  • The UnMousePad – The Future of Touch Sensing
  • Data-Driven Diffuse-Specular Separation of Spherical Gradient Illumination
  • Lace Curtain: Modeling and Rendering of Woven Structures Using BRDF/BTDF
  • Beyond Triangles: Gigavoxels Effects in Video Games
  • Cosine Lobe-Based Relighting From Gradient Illumination Photographs
  • Curvature-Dependent Local Illumination Approximation for Translucent Materials
  • Direct Illumination From Dynamic Area Lights
  • Gaussian Projection: A Novel PBR Algorithm for Real-Time Rendering
  • Interactive Lighting Manipulation Application on GPU
  • Reflection Model of Metallic Paints for Reflectance Acquisition
  • Variance Minimization Light-Probe Sampling