Real-World Sampling “Artifact”

[A repost, due to WordPress weirdness – sorry about that. Note to self: don’t paste images into WordPress, always upload and insert them.]

I’m seeing this more and more in my neighborhood in the evening:

It’s the shadow of a tree on pavement, superimposed 3 times. It’s because they’ve been installing new LED streetlights with 3 bulbs.

Hard for me to photograph the light source well, but a reflection of some sort in the camera shows the three bulbs in the upper right:


It’s like the artifacts you see when anyone tries to approximate an area light with point lights. So with the advent of LEDs, I guess we won’t need light area sampling algorithms as much?

Maybe one for the Real Artifacts gallery.


  1. qu1j0t3’s avatar

    I have an entry in your “real or render?” gallery. I was sitting in this foyer and noticed how many tropes it had from CGI:
    – blocky objects in primitive forms, as if the modeller were lazy;
    – many specular surfaces
    – cheesy logo
    – flat colour
    – unconvincing textures
    – contrived lighting

    It really looks as if the architect’s visualisation had come to life. I hope you’ll consider including it in your gallery.

  2. Eric’s avatar

    For people who want to live in virtual reality all the time! Here’s another project you might enjoy:

    The gallery at is not mine, it’s Morgan McGuire’s, so I’ll let him know.

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