New Site for “Advances in Real-Time Rendering” SIGGRAPH Course

The SIGGRAPH Course “Advances in Real-Time Rendering for 3D Graphics and Games” has been held since 2006 with a consistently high level of quality. However the hosting of the materials is scattered around a few different websites, and the older years suffer from broken links and other issues. We are happy to host the course’s new home on a subdomain of this site: At the moment only the SIGGRAPH 2010 course materials are present, but previous years will go up shortly.

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  1. Mauricio’s avatar

    Thanks for pulling this together; this is a great “home” for this material. I look forward to seeing the 2009 iteration… which apparently was never posted anywhere?

  2. Fran├žois Bertel’s avatar

    This is great. This is course is always of very high quality.

    PS: Thanks to you and Eric for signing my copy of your book at Siggraph!

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