More GDC conference links

More material from GDC is coming online each day. We have already mentioned the tutorial slides, as well as Intel’s pageGDC’s Vault site has video which is only available to registered attendees (except for sponsored sessions), but the slide decks are available to everyone.  NVIDIA recently put up a new page with their material – even the material previously available from GDC’s own sites is worth getting from here, since the versions on NVIDIA’s page are significantly more up to date.  The videos for NVIDIA’s sponsored sessions are free for everyone and are linked from the NVIDIA page as well.

Lots of OpenGL and OpenCL stuff is available on the Khronos web site,  and Jeremy Shopf and Jim Tilander have their respective slides up as well. A Google Search for ‘”GDC 2009″ slides’ should turn up more as time goes by.