More Free GDC 2011 Content in Vault

In my previous GDC links post, I briefly mentioned the free section of the GDC Vault, and listed individual links to a few of the many videos and presentation slides available there. I’ll list more links to free Vault content in this post, mostly stuff of interest to readers of this blog that isn’t otherwise available online.

Videos (many of these have presentation slides available from one of the links included in my previous post):

Slides (skipping any talks linked in my previous post):

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  1. Andrew McDonald’s avatar

    Some of those are not just slides! The Gears of War 3 facial rigging zip is over a gigabyte :-O

    Also, some of the links go to embedded PDF displays with some script showing in the corner. Looks a bit broken, is that right? The rest work OK as straight downloads.

    Oh, and WordPress’ user control panel page insists I inform you that version 3.1.2 available…

  2. jeremy_ernst’s avatar

    heh, yeah I had lots of images and video examples in the presentation. You can find a slimmed down version of the talk on my blog in pdf format (

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