I3D Game Industry Day

Any Southern California game industry graphics people who weren’t planning to attend I3D this year might want to reconsider; there is a great deal on registration prices for the last day (this Sunday). Sunday has been packed with the most highly relevant content for game developers (though there is some great stuff in the previous two days as well), and there is a special one-day registration price of $125. This sum gets you a panel on sharing technical ideas in the games industry (moderated by Marc Olano – the panelists are Mike Acton, Mark DeLoura, Stephen Hill, Peter-Pike Sloan, Natalya Tatarchuk, and myself), as well as three paper sessions. These sessions include the following papers:

Besides the technical sessions, I3D is a great opportunity to meet and talk to some of the top experts in real-time graphics; if you’re local and not already planning to attend, I warmly recommend it.

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