I3D 2011

The website for I3D 2011 is now up, including the time/place and CFP. I3D will be in San Francisco next year, from February 18-20th. I3D probably has a higher percentage of graphics papers relevant to games than any other conference; this year five of the papers described techniques already in use in games (including high-profile titles like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Civilization 5), and many of the other papers were also highly relevant. Unfortunately, very few game developers attend; I hope next year’s location (San Francisco is home to a large number of developers) will help.

I3D is a great small conference to publish real-time rendering papers. One advantage it has for authors over Eurographics conferences like EGSR, and co-sponsored conferences like HPG and SCA (in “Europe” years) is that it is not subject to Eurographics’ monumentally stupid “authors can’t post copies of their papers for a year after the conference” policy. This policy, of course, hurts the chance of your paper being cited by making it harder for people to read it – brilliant! Hopefully EG will see the error of its ways soon – until then, you are better off sending your papers to non-EG conferences like I3D.

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