I3D 2009 Papers Listed

I3D 2009, the ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, will be in Boston on February 27 to March 1. Along with Morgan McGuire I’m a papers cochair this year. Naty served on the papers committee along with 81 others, plus external reviewers; over 300 reviewers were written. We were happy to see a large number of submissions: 87, up from 57 last year. 28 papers were accepted. The papers to be presented are now listed at http://kesen.huang.googlepages.com/i3d2009Papers.htm.

Heh, I just noticed Naty also posted this site; well, a little duplication won’t kill you. Amazing to me, Ke-Sen had already tracked down 9 of the papers accepted at I3D – acceptance notices went out on the 5th. I sent the list of all papers accepted to Ke-Sen, as this became open knowledge on the 15th. Ke-Sen’s listing is about as official as it will get until the final program is published at the I3D site.

I should also note that the Posters deadline is just a few days away, on December 19. Posters are a great way to present an idea or a demo and get feedback from the community, without having to spend the time and effort of writing a full formal paper.

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