Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, 3rd Edition

coversmallOne bit of deja vu for me at SIGGRAPH this year was another book signing at the A K Peters booth.  Last year’s SIGGRAPH had the signing for Real-Time Rendering; this year I was at the book signing for the third edition of Fundamentals of Computer Graphics.  My presence at the signing was due to the fact that I wrote a chapter on graphics for games (this edition also has new chapters on implicit modeling, color, and visualization, as well as updates to the existing chapters).  As in the case of Real-Time Rendering, I was interested in contributing to this book as a fan of the previous editions.  Fundamentals is targeted as a “first graphics book” so it has a slightly different audience than Real-Time Rendering, which is meant to be the reader’s second book on the subject.

At the A K Peters booth I also got to try out the Kindle edition of Fundamentals (the illustrations in Real-Time Rendering rely on color to convey information, so a Kindle edition will have to wait for color devices).  I haven’t jumped on the Kindle bandwagon personally (the DRM bothers me; when I buy something I like to own it), but I know people who are quite pleased with their Kindle (or iPhone Kindle application).