Fleet-Footed Faster Forward

The Fast Forward event at SIGGRAPH is set of very short presentations Sunday evening that runs through all the papers at SIGGRAPH. Lately SIGGRAPH has become a “big tent”, including a wide range of fields. This year there are, by my count, 133 SIGGRAPH papers, giving say 50 seconds to each presentation in the two-hour period.┬áThis is a pleasant-enough way to cull through all the papers and find which ones to see, and there is the occasional witty presentation, but to be honest, I’m a bit worn out on the method – too slow! In the past few years I find myself looking at my watch halfway through and thinking “egads, still another hour?” and my monocle pops from my eye with comic effect.

So I liked seeing that CGW is hosting a 3 minute 44 second video summary of some of the SIGGRAPH papers. Only 23 papers summarized, but I love that each gets just a sentence – you’re in, you’re out, and you have some sense if it’s a paper you need to see. I wish I had this for all the papers. Second in awesomeness would be a single web page that lists all the abstracts together, for a quick skim. I should write a Perl script that makes one from ACM’s SIGGRAPH 2010 TOC. Also at CGW’s site is a 2 minute 41 second (plus long credits) video summary of the Emerging Technologies area, purely visual – nice, it gives me a little taste, prepping my senses for what I will see there and want to learn more about.