English Translations of tri-Ace CEDEC 2011 Slides Available

Yoshiharu Gotanda, the CEO and CTO of tri-Ace, has given many excellent graphics presentations over the years, mostly focused on physically based real-time rendering. Gotanda-san’s presentations are hosted on the tri-Ace research webpage. Some of these were originally given in English; these include presentations at  GDC 2005, 2009 and 2012, as well as SIGGRAPH 2010 courses on shading (slides, course notes) and color (slides, course notes). However, many of Gotanda-san’s presentations were given in Japanese at the CEDEC conference, and the slides are also in Japanese.

Fortunately, the slides for two of these presentations (from CEDEC 2011) have been translated into English, in a collaboration between Gotanda-san and Marc Heng (Square Enix Japan). In addition, reviews of the English version were performed by Sébastien Lagarde (DONTNOD Entertainment) and myself. These presentations deal with the theory and implementation of physically based rendering used in the tri-Ace 2011 demo trailer, as well as forthcoming titles. Both presentations are highly recommended.

Hopefully in the future, other good CEDEC graphics presentations by Gotanda-san and others (e.g. Masaki Kawase) will be translated into English.

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