CFP for “Game Development Tools” book

Marwan Ansari has put out a call for participation (i.e., articles) for an upcoming book, “Game Development Tools”. The CFP is short, so I’ve included it below. Please pass on the URL for the book’s website to anyone you think would be interested.

To me, the things I most appreciate from Marwan are his two articles in ShaderX 2: Tips & Tricks (free for download). These are still relevant today: “Advanced Image Processing with DirectX® 9 Pixel Shaders” (written with Jason Mitchell, now at Valve, and Evan Hart, and the article “Image Effects with DirectX® 9 Pixel Shaders”. He’s worked for a number of games companies since his ATI days.

The CFP:

We invite you to submit a proposal for an  innovative article to be included in a forthcoming book, Game Development Tools, which will be edited by Marwan Y. Ansari and published by A. K. Peters. We expect to publish the volume in time for GDC 2011.

We are open to any tools articles that you feel would make a valuable contribution to this book.

Some topics that would be of interest include:

  • Content Pipeline tools (creation, streamlining, management)
  • Graphics/Rendering tools
  • Profiling tools
  • Collada import/export/inspection
  • Sound tools
  • In-Game debugging tools
  • Memory management & analysis
  • Console tools (single and cross platform)

This list is not meant to be exclusive and other topics are welcome.

The schedule for the book is as follows:

June 30th           – All proposals in.

July 15th            – Final list of accepted authors are informed and begin articles.

August 15th       – First draft in to editor

September 15th  – Drafts sent to other book authors for peer review

October 15th      – Final articles in to editor

November 30th   – Final articles to publisher (A K Peters)

GDC 2011          – Book is released.

Please send proposals to marwan at gamedevelopmenttools dot com.

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