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Blog Redesign

We’ve been wanting to add a sidebar to the blog for a while; it was easier to do this with a new WordPress theme (Tarski) and in the process we did a little bit of graphic redesign.  The sidebar has various navigational niceties, including a search function, a tag cloud, archives and links to the most recent posts and comments.  Hope you like the new look!

I just spent a good part of this week revamping a few pages on this website, namely:

  • The main resources page: I removed a few dead links with Xenu (great free tool) and folded in resources from a year’s accumulation of 139 links. It barely shows – I don’t highlight the new links like I used to, since most of these have already been posted in the blog. I did spend way too much time updating the list of relevant books and related resources; remember to hit “refresh” on your browser.
  • The recommended books page: revamped to newer editions, some books added and a few dropped (e.g., I’ve given up waiting for the new Foley & Van Dam, at least on this page). Naty hopes to redo this page at some point when he finds time.
  • The portal page: the main addition is expansion of the obsessive-compulsive list of blogs I attempt to track.
  • The intersections page: unfortunately, some links had died and so were removed. One or two minor additions; this area of algorithm exploration seems mostly “done”, despite there being some obscure blank spots on the grid (most having to do with intersecting cones against other things).

Exhausting to do all this, and without a tremendous visual effect, but I’m glad to check it off the list.

I just finished culling through about 200 sites and folding most into the resources and portal pages. I stored these up on over the past two years while writing the new edition; now they’re in (or deleted – amazing how quickly some of these sites go away).

The references page is also corrected, as some links and whatnot were dropped by my original perl script. We try to not repeat any articles listed here on the resources and portal pages, which is in one way unfortunate. Really, the references are the bulk of the serious resources.

I now feel like the site is officially open; please do send on any great resources that we’re missing (or just put them in the comments here).

The blog is now officially live. I, Eric and Tomas will be posting nuggets of real-time rendering goodness here from time to time.