Advances in RTR Course Notes up

I’m finally back from a nice post-SIGGRAPH vacation in the Vancouver area. Both our computers broke early on in the trip, so it was a true vacation.

I hope to post on a bunch of stuff soon, but wanted to first mention something now available: the slides and videos presented in the popular SIGGRAPH course “Advances in Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics”. Find them here, and the page for previous years (well, currently just 2010) here. Hats off to Natalya Tatarchuk and all the speakers for quickly making this year’s presentations available.

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  1. Skylark’s avatar

    Great, I was waiting for these. Thanks to Natalya and all the presenters. I hope to have the time to try out at least 10% of what I learned there (and other ideas I had while listening to the presenters)…

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