Bird Quiz

This page lets you set up a quiz about birds that you can take. You can tailor it to your particular preferences, or just hit "Create a Quiz" and take a general test. There are also quiz programs for trees and flowers. The quizzes here are randomly generated by computer; for more professional and straightforward quizzes, see Keith Saylor's excellent site.

If you are more interested in identifying birds, see the bird identification page.

How many questions would you like to answer?

You can choose the types of questions you want to answer:
   Yes/No questions
   Which bird has this characteristic?
   Which characteristic does this bird have?
   For these two characteristics, which bird has both?
   For these two birds, which characteristic is common to both?

You can select which characteristics you wish to be quizzed on:
  When and Where
  Calls and Signals

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You can choose what types of birds you would like to be quizzed on, as a group. Checking a characteristic in a group means birds in that group will be used for making questions. If you check a number of characteristics in one group (e.g. Action), birds with either of those characteristics will be part of the group (not just birds with both characteristics). If you check characteristics in different groups, the set of birds for each separate group is found, then birds that are common to all sets are used. Technically, within a group it's "characteristics OR char. OR char." and overall it's "group AND group AND group".

Yes, this all sounds confusing, but the idea is that you can choose to be tested on birds that have in common two or more specific sets of characteristics from different groups. For example, if this program were for house types, there might be two groups, Number of Stories and Exterior Wall Material. You could pick the characteristic "one-story" from the first group, and "stucco" and "brick" from the second, and the group of all houses used would then be "one-story AND (either stucco OR brick)". Try it out and see.

Check the characteristics below:
   Walking, wading, running
   Hopping or climbing
   Still perching
   Continuous flying
   Larger than robin
   About same size as robin
   Smaller than robin
   Neck long
   Tail long
   Tail forked
   Bill long, as long or longer than head
   Bill thick, as thick or thicker at base than length of bill
   Head crested
   Mostly white
   Mostly blackish, or dark gray, bluish black, etc.
   Mostly black and white, or other dark color and white
   Mostly brownish, or with many brown streaks or spots
   Mostly dull green or brownish green
   Rust color present
   Red present
   Yellow or orange
   Blue or bright green (not dull green)
   Round spots on body
   Streaks (long spots)
   Cross barring
   Underparts plain
   Bold markings present (patches or blotches of black, white, or color)
   Head stripes or bands
   Crown patch
   Eye ring
   Tail stripes (along)
   Tail bands (across)
   Wing bands or bars
When and Where
   North summer (June through August)
   North winter (November through February)
   South summer (June through August)
   South winter (November through February)
   Wood habitat
   Field habitat
   Marsh habitat
   Flats or beach habitat
   Continuous flying high (near or above treetops when flying)
   Continuous flying low (below treetops when flying)
   Perched high (generally above middle of trees when perched or foraging)
   Perched low (generally below middle of trees when perched or foraging)
   On ground (walking, wading, running, hopping, or resting on ground)
   Soaring flight (gliding or circling on set wings)
   Zig zag flight (many irregular twists and turns)
   Bounding flight
   Short forays (flies out from perch and returns)
   Jerks tail or body (repeated dipping of body, or flipping or pumping of tail)
   Occurs in flocks (from 4 or 5 to thousands)
Calls and Signals
   Rasping harsh calls
   Smooth, clear calls (can be imitated by human singing voice or whistling)
   Soft, low calls
   Staccato and twitter call (short sharp notes or rapid series of notes: tinkling, trilling, sputtering, or percussive)
   High or thin song (high pitched and weak; lisping, sizzling, or hissing quality)
   Harsh or buzzy song (pitch intermediate; rasping, buzzing, or grating quality)
   Melodious song (pitch variable; smooth, sweet, or rich quality; pattern generally complex)

or you can clear your choices by hitting

Finally, if you're really into tailoring, you can pick the birds on which to be tested. These will be added to any birds selected using the characteristics above. Don't check any if you want to be tested on all birds. Otherwise, check the ones you want:

   Common Loon, winter
   Common Loon, summer
   Red-throated Loon, winter
   Red-necked Grebe
   Western Grebe
   Pied-billed Grebe
   Horned Grebe, winter
   Horned Grebe, summer
   Eared Grebe
   White Pelican
   Double-breasted Cormorant
   Whistling Swan
   Canada Goose
   White-fronted Goose
   Blue Goose
   Snow Goose
   Mallard, female
   Mallard, male
   Black Duck
   Pintail, male
   Pintail, female
   American Widgeon, female
   American Widgeon, male
   Shoveller, female
   Shoveller, male
   Blue-winged Teal
   Green-winged Teal
   Wood Duck, female
   Wood Duck, male
   Canvasback, female
   Canvasback, male
   Ring-necked Duck
   Scaup, female
   Scaup, male
   Goldeneye, female
   Goldeneye, male
   Ruddy Duck
   Common Merganser, female
   Common Merganser, male
   Red-breasted Merganser, female
   Red-breasted Merganser, male
   Hooded Merganser
   Turkey Vulture
   Cooper's Hawk
   Sharp-shinned Hawk
   Northern Harrier/Marsh Hawk
   Rough-legged Hawk (light morph)
   Rough-legged Hawk (dark morph)
   Swainson's Hawk (light morph)
   Broad-winged Hawk
   Red-tailed Hawk, adult
   Red-tailed Hawk, immature
   Broad-winged Hawk
   Red-shouldered Hawk
   Golden Eagle
   Bald Eagle, adult
   Bald Eagle, immature
   Peregrine Falcon
   Pigeon Hawk/Merlin
   Sparrow Hawk/American Kestrel
   Ruffed Grouse
   Spruce Grouse
   Lesser Prairie-Chicken
   Greater Prairie-Chicken
   Sharp-tailed Grouse
   Ring-necked Pheasant
   Gray (Hungarian) Partridge
   Great Egret
   Snowy Egret
   Cattle Egret
   Great Blue Heron
   Little Blue Heron
   Black-crowned Night Heron
   Yellow-crowned Night Heron
   American Bittern
   Least Bittern
   Sandhill Crane
   Virginia Rail
   American Coot
   Black-bellied Plover
   American Golden Plover
   Piping Plover
   Semipalmated Plover
   Marbled Godwit
   Solitary Sandpiper
   Spotted Sandpiper
   Greater Yellowlegs
   Lesser Yellowlegs
   Stilt Sandpiper
   Upland Sandpiper
   Red Knot
   Long-billed & Short-billed Dowitcher
   Ruddy Turnstone
   Pectoral Sandpiper
   Baird's Sandpiper
   White-rumped Sandpiper
   Semipalmated Sandpiper
   Least Sandpiper
   Western Sandpiper
   Wilson's Phalarope
   Common Snipe
   American Woodcock
   Herring Gull, immature
   Herring Gull, adult
   Ring-billed Gull, immature
   Ring-billed Gull, adult
   Franklin's Gull, adult
   Bonaparte's Gull, adult
   Common Tern
   Forster's Tern
   Caspian Tern
   Black Tern
   Mourning Dove
   Rock Dove (Pigeon)
   Yellow-billed Cuckoo
   Black-billed Cuckoo
   Screech Owl
   Great Horned Owl
   Long-eared & Short-eared Owl
   Barn Owl
   Snowy Owl
   Barred Owl
   Saw-whet Owl
   Chimney Swift
   Ruby-throated Hummingbird
   Belted Kingfisher
   Yellow-shafted Flicker
   Pileated Woodpecker
   Red-headed Woodpecker
   Red-bellied Woodpecker
   Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
   Downy Woodpecker
   Hairy Woodpecker
   Black-backed & Three-toed Woodpecker
   Eastern Kingbird
   Western Kingbird
   Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
   Eastern Phoebe
   Acadian Flycatcher
   Traill's Flycatcher
   Least Flycatcher
   Great Crested Flycatcher
   Olive-sided Flycatcher
   Eastern Wood-Pewee
   Horned Lark
   Barn Swallow
   Cliff Swallow
   Bank Swallow
   Northern Rough-winged Swallow
   Purple Martin
   Tree Swallow
   Blue Jay
   Gray Jay
   Common Raven
   Common Crow
   Black-capped Chickadee
   Boreal Chickadee
   Tufted Titmouse
   Brown Creeper
   Red-breasted Nuthatch
   White-breasted Nuthatch
   House Wren
   Winter Wren
   Bewick's Wren
   Carolina Wren
   Marsh Wren
   Northern Mockingbird
   Brown Thrasher
   American Robin
   Wood Thrush
   Hermit Thrush
   Swainson's Thrush
   Gray-Cheeked Thrush
   Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
   Golden-crowned Kinglet
   Ruby-crowned Kinglet
   Cedar Waxwing
   Bohemian Waxwing
   Loggerhead Shrike
   Northern Shrike
   Solitary Vireo
   White-eyed Vireo
   Bell's Vireo
   Yellow-throated Vireo
   Red-eyed Vireo
   Philadelphia Vireo
   Warbling Vireo
   Black and White Warbler
   Protonotary Warbler
   Blue-winged Warbler
   Golden-winged Warbler
   Tennessee Warbler
   Orange-crowned Warbler
   Nashville Warbler
   Parula Warbler
   Yellow Warbler
   Magnolia Warbler
   Cape May Warbler
   Myrtle Warbler
   Black-throated Green Warbler
   Black-throated Blue Warbler
   Cerulean Warbler
   Blackburnian Warbler
   Chestnut-sided Warbler
   Bay-breasted Warbler
   Blackpoll Warbler
   Pine Warbler
   Prarie Warbler
   Palm Warbler
   Northern Waterthrush
   Louisiana Waterthrush
   Yellow-breasted Chat
   Hooded Warbler
   Kentucky Warbler
   Connecticut Warbler
   Mourning Warbler
   Wilson's Warbler
   Canada Warbler
   American Redstart
   House (English) Sparrow
   Bobolink, male
   Bobolink, female
   Red-winged Blackbird, male
   Red-winged Blackbird, female
   Yellow-headed Blackbird
   Rusty Blackbird
   Brewer's Blackbird
   Common Grackle
   Brown-headed Cowbird
   Orchard Oriole
   Baltimore Oriole
   Scarlet Tanager
   Summer Tanager
   Rose-breasted Grosbeak
   Evening Grosbeak
   Blue Grosbeak
   Indigo Bunting
   Purple Finch
   Pine Grosbeak, male
   Pine Grosbeak, female
   White-Winged Crossbill, male
   White-Winged Crossbill, female
   Common Redpoll
   Pine Siskin
   Evening Grosbeak
   American Goldfinch
   Red Crossbill
   Rufous-sided Towhee
   Henslow's Sparrow
   Grasshopper Sparrow
   Savannah Sparrow
   Vesper Sparrow
   Lark Sparrow
   Slate-colored Junco
   Tree Sparrow
   Chipping Sparrow
   Clay-colored Sparrow
   Field Sparrow
   Harris' Sparrow
   White-Throated Sparrow
   White-Crowned Sparrow
   Fox Sparrow
   Song Sparrow
   Lincoln Sparrow
   Swamp Sparrow
   Lapland Longspur
   Snow Bunting

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I started this project back in 1984, believe it or not, and am doing it purely for fun. If you like this program enough to feel like showing your appreciation, please consider becoming a member of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. I have no affiliation with this fine institution; rather, I've enjoyed their lectures, classes, and worthwhile projects over the past two decades.
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